time in disguise

Time in Disguise

Jim Fitzpatrick

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They say that water

     under the bridge,

It's just time ...

     in disguise.

They also say

     it's too late to pray,

When that riverbed,

     ... it's gone dry

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Time in Disguise
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Rock 'n' Roll Cliche
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Colorado Air
Prologue to the Blues
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Bali Night

... like water, it keeps on moving on

... hears all the variations on the blues

... I was young, the world was new

... it's founded on alleviatin' the blues

... I saw you there in that Colorado air

... Eve ran off with a snake in the grass

... they'll whisper to each other all night

... what thoughts were going through your head?


... a hot sports car, to drive away those blues

Hot Summer's Night

... see that steam risin' up from that street

Ain't Nothin' New

... same old story, and that ain't news

Father Time

... it's a downhill road from birth to eternity

Where the Blues Comes From

... it comes from what went wrong