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'a landmark in military history'

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'In this memorable tour de force, author Jim Fitzpatrick has, for the first time, traced the history of the bicycle in wartime. His contribution is significant and will stand the test of time ... the world's military forces have long been aware of [the bicycle's] potential. On occasion it has spelled the difference between victory and defeat: the Japanese in Malaya, and Viet Minh forces.' Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap at Dien Bien Phu.' Cecil B. Currey, author of Victory at Any Cost: The Genius of Vietnam's General Vo Nguyen Giap

'An intriguing and compelling read, complemented by a multitude of archive photographs. Most important, the book brings together the strategic side of military policy and the experiences of cyclists on the ground.' Paul Rosen, University of York

'Impressive breadth and detailed coverage of the use of bicycles in war. Jim Fitzpatrick shows convincingly how often experts were totally wrong in underestimating the influence of the bicycle, even when used against highly mechanized armies. A fascinating and rewarding book to read.' David Gordon Wilson, Emeritus Professor of Engineering at MIT, author of Bicycling Science


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Railway patrol cycles, Cape Town Railway yards, Boer War.

German troops evacuating Norway,  WW II

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