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JIM's publications


1980 - The Bicycle and the Bush: A Study of Man, Machine and Milieu, Oxford University Press,
            Melbourne. One of the 18 finalists for the Australian National Book Council’s Book of the Year
            Award; selected by The Canberra Times as one of the ten best books of the year.


1982 - The Kids’ Book of Bicycles in Australia, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

1988 - The Australian Limerick Book, Australian Consolidated Press-Greenhouse Publications,


1998 - The Bicycle in Wartime: An Illustrated History, Batsford-Brassey’s, Washington, London.

2011 -  Major Taylor in Australia, Star Hill Studio, Kilcoy, Queensland.


             The Bicycle in Wartime: An Illustrated History (rev. ed.), Star Hill Studio, Kilcoy, Queensland.

2013 – Wheeling Matilda: The Story of Australian Cycling, Star Hill Studio, Kilcoy, Queensland.



2014 - Velo-City Global, Adelaide. ‘Early Bicycle Transport Patterns In Rural Australia’.


2001 - National Community Relations and Development Conference, St. Louis. ‘Creating A Major
             Gifts Program’.


2000 - National Society of Fund Raising Executives, Phoenix. ‘The Cultivation of Major Donors’.

1992 - Ausbike '92, Melbourne. '"Major" Taylor Down Under’.

1988 - International Conference on the History of Sport and Leisure, World of Expo '88, Brisbane.
            '"Major" Taylor Down Under: A Black American in White Australia: 1902-1904'.


1984 - Conference on Rural Communities Beyond 1984, Perth. 'The Changing Nature and Pattern of
            Rural Communities'.


1983 - ANZAAS Conference, Perth. 'The Implications of a Ubiquitous Telecommunications System for
            Education in the Australian Outback'.


1982 - Second Military History Conference, Australian War Memorial, Canberra. 'The Bicycle and the
            Australian Military - 1890-1918: A Study of the Perception and Use of Technology'.


1980 - Australian Map Curators' Circle Conference, University of Western Australia. 'The Early
             Development of Australian Road Maps'.


1977 - First Australian Sports History Conference, University of New South Wales. 'The Spectrum of
            Australian Bicycle Racing: 1890-1900'.



2016 - ‘Freewheeling, Cycling in Australia’, Exhibition Review, Australian Historical Studies, Vol. 47,
                   no. 1, pp. 158-160.

2015 - ‘A Glimpse at Australia’s Cycling History’, pp. 25-41, in Cycling Futures, Jennifer Bonham and
                  Marilyn Johnson (eds.) University of Adelaide Press.

2001 - ‘Report on the Systematic, Across-the-Board Donor Cultivation Program, Phoenix 1996 – 2000’,
                  The Salvation Army, Phoenix.

1999 - ‘Salvation Army Utilizes Intensive Personal Cultivation Campaign’, Fund Raising
                 Management, Vol. 30, No. 7, September, pp. 22-25, 37.

           'Recovering Lapsed Donors Through Facility and Program Tours’, TAFT Monthly Portfolio (formerly

           The Fund Raising Institute
           Monthly Portfolio), Vol. 38, Issue 6, June, pp. 1-2 (cover article); ‘Highlighting Donor Cultivation
           Materials’, Non-Profit Nuts & Bolts, Vol. 4, No. 11, June, p. 4; ‘Bicycles to the Rescue’, Weekly
           Reader, Edition 3, Issue 14, June, pp. 1-2 (cover  article); ‘Pope’s Military Bicycles’, Time
           Capsule, American History, Vol. 34, No. 1, April 1999, p. 68.

1998 - ‘Bicycles on the Job’, Boys’ Life, April, p. 8.

1993 - ‘Richardson, Arthur Charles Jeston’, The Makers of Australia’s Sporting Traditions, Michael
            McKernan (ed.), Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, pp. 208-210.

1992 - ‘The Establishment of a Bedding Advisory Committee and the Results of the Bedding Research
           and Testing Program’, A Report to the Board of Governors of the Australian Spinal Research
           Foundation, 12 June; “’Major’ Taylor Down Under’, AUSBIKE 92, Proceedings of a National
           Bicycle Conference, Ron Shepherd (ed.), Melbourne: Bicycle Federation of Australia; ‘Cycling’,
           ‘Taylor, Marshall W.’, and ‘Walker, Don’, The Oxford University Companion to Australian
           Sport, Melbourne: Oxford University Press, pp. 111-112, 350, 371.

1991 - ‘“Major” Taylor Down Under on Tracks of Glory’, Bulletin, Australian Society for Sports History,
           No. 15, pp. 1-7.

1990 - ‘The Level and Adequacy of Current Health Research in Queensland’, a submission to the
            Queensland Health Council by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

1989 - (with) Rock, Dr. B., ‘Abstracts: Australian Spinal Research Foundation-Sponsored Publications’,
            Brisbane, Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

1988 - ‘George Pearson’ and ‘Arthur Richardson’, Australian Dictionary of Biography, Melbourne:
            Melbourne University Press, Vol. 11, pp. 187, 379; ‘The Marketing of Australian Universities in
            America’, report prepared for Austrade; ‘The Marketing of a Proposed Griffith University M.Sc.
            (Chiropractic) Degree in America’, a report prepared for Griffith University; From June 1988
            through December 1992, editor of the ASRF Newsletter, Australian Spinal Research
            Foundation, Brisbane, Queensland.

1987 - ‘Indexing a Large Scale Oral History Project’, Oral History (UK), Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 54-57;
            ‘Unemployed School Leavers in Western Australia’, a report prepared for the West Australian
            Department of Employment and Training, Perth.

1986 - ‘Schools of the Air’, This Australia, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 37-40; ‘Unemployed School Leavers in
            Perth: A Contemporary Oral History Project’, Oral History Association of Australia Journal,
            No. 8, pp. 101-103; ‘The Pedestal’, Midwest Poetry Review, July, p. 42.

1985 - ‘Cycling’, and ‘School of the Air’,  World Book Encyclopedia Australasia, Sydney: World Book,
            Inc., pp. 274, 903.

1984 - ‘The Changing Nature and Pattern of Rural Communities’, in Brown, Chris and McArdle, Karen
            (eds.), Rural Communities: Beyond 1984, Perth: Rural Youth Movement Council, pp. 24-32;
            ‘Distance Education, Geographers, and Communications Technology’, ASPESA Newsletter,
            Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 22-24; ‘A Study of an Australian Distance Education Pressure Group’,
            Distance Education, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 186-199.

1983 - ‘Cycling’ and (with) Martin, R., ‘Cycle Racing’, The Australian Encyclopaedia, 4th ed., Vol. 3,
           pp. 124-128, Sydney: The Grolier Society; (with) Brown, S., ‘Breaking the Sex-stereotyping
           Circle’, SET, Australian Council for Educational Research, No. 1, May; ‘The Changing Nature of
           Outback Isolation: An Educator’s Perspective’, The Australian Geographer, Vol. 15, No. 5, pp.
           318-321; (with) Hyde, N., ‘The Mount Marshall Cell of the Priority Country Schools Programme:
           Its Interactions with the Education Department’, Research Branch, Education Department of
           Western Australia; ‘The Bicycle and the Australian Military: 1890-1918’, Hemisphere, Vol. 27,
           No. 6 (May/June), pp. 341-346; ‘The Carnarvon School of the Air: A  Study of the Parent and
           Citizens’ Association and Its Interaction with the Education Department’, Studies in Rural
           Education, No. 6, Research Branch, Education Department of Western Australia; (with) Brown,
           S., ‘Sex-Based Enrolment Patterns in Secondary School Subjects’, Curriculum Perspectives,
           Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 47-52; ‘Anzacs at War on Bicycles’, Royal Historical Society of Victoria
           Journal, Vol. 54, No. 3, pp. 31-38; (with) Cowley, J. and Deschamp, P., ‘Alternative Styles of 
           Production and Alternative Means of Dissemination of Video Programs for Lower Secondary
           Correspondence Students’, Research Branch, Education Department of Western Australia;
           (with) Cowley, J. and Deschamp, P., ‘Communications Patterns Among Secondary
           Correspondence Students’, Research Branch, Education Department of Western Australia;
           ‘Getting the Numbers Right: Education and New Communications Technology’, ASPESA
           Newsletter’, Vol. 9, No. 3, pp. 18-20; ‘The Bentley Primary School Integrated
           Language/Reading Program: Administrative and Teaching Aspects of Its Implementation’,
           Research Branch , Education Department of Western Australia.

1982 - (with) Brown, S. and Hyde, N., ‘Hamilton Senior High School: Choice of Sub-School by Primary
           Students, Research Branch, Education Department of Western Australia; ‘Pushbikes and
           Planners’, Australian Planner, Journal of the Royal Australian Planning Institute, Vol. 20, No. 1,
           pp. 54-56; . ‘The Australian Schools of the Air: The Conundrum of Who teaches’, Distance
           Education, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 183-197; ‘Proposed Museum of Australia’, Kalori, Journal of the
           Museums Association of Australia, Nos. 59-60, pp. 8-11; ‘Some Further Notes on the
           Development of Early Australian Road Maps’,  The Globe, Journal of the Australian Map
           Curators’ Circle, No. 17, pp. 51-55;  (with) Brown, S. and Hyde, N., ‘Aspects of Students’
           Selection of Lower Secondary Art Courses’, Journal of the Australian Institute of Art
           Education, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 17-30.

1981 - (with) Brown, S., ‘Girls, Boys and Subject Choice: A Report on Sex Participation Rates in
           Subjects in Western Australian Government Secondary Schools’, Discussion paper, No. 11,
           Research Branch, Education Department of Western Australia; ‘A Comment on “Aspirations in
           Secondary School Students”’, Journal of Educational Administration, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp.
           185-186; ‘The Bicycle and Australian English’, Overland, No. 86, pp. 65-69.

1980 - ‘The Early Development of Australian Road maps’, The Globe, Journal of the Australian Map
            Curators’ Circle, No. 13, pp. 13-29.

1979 - ‘The Spectrum of Australian Bicycle Racing: 1890-1900’, in Cashman, R. and McKernan, M.
           (eds.), Sport in History, St. Lucia: Queensland University Press, pp. 326-342; ‘An Agricultural
           Tricycle’, Appropriate Technology (UK), Vol. 6, No. 2, front cover and pp. 4-5; ‘The Bicyclist as
           a Plant Dispersal Mechanism in Rural Australia’, Search, Official Journal of the Australian and
           New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science, Vol. 10, Nos. 7-8, p. 61; ‘The
           Pushbike and the Parish (Being a True Tale of Technological Triumph)’, Overland, Nos. 76-77,
           p. 61.

1978 - ‘Cycling Up, Down Australia’s Alps’, Canberra Historical Journal, New Series, No. 2, pp. 15-19.

1977 - ‘The Story of the Bicycle’, book review/article, The National Times, Australia, 12-17 December,
            p. 28.

1972 - 1974 - Departments of Planning, Santa Ana and Cypress, California. ‘Industrial Plan:
           Warehouse Study’; ‘Lincoln Avenue Study, Phase I’; ‘Conservation Plan: Policy-Program
           Report’; ‘Open Space, Conservation and Scenic Highways Element’; and (with) James, E. and
           Sundstrom, R., ‘Bike Route Plan: Policy-Program Report’ and Bike Route Plan: Background
           Report’; ‘Cypress Regional Government Center: Preliminary Report’.

1971 - ‘Future Trends in Office Building Developments in the Sydney Inner City Area’, Royal Australian
            Planning Institute Journal, Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 141-144.

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