Available now from this website - 'Wheeling Matilda',
the latest cycling history title by Jim Fitzpatrick

Available now from this website - 'The Nzikazi Bowl',
new young adult fiction by Roey Fitzpatrick 

Just Released!

Diamonds and Rain

A new CD album of original songs with vocals and guitar by Roey Fitzpatrick, and additional instrumentals by Michael Fix, Alex Pattri and Michael Donnelly.

A companion book of the same name, of Roey's poems and song lyrics is available in Australia from this website, and overseas from Amazon.com.

At Star Hill Studio . . .



Cycling histories by Jim Fitzpatrick include Wheeling Matilda, The Bicycle in Wartime, The Bicycle and the Bush and Major Taylor in Australia, which was the basis for the award-winning Australian mini-series, Tracks of Glory.

Roey Fitzpatrick's The Beast of McElsinore Glen and The Folly of Interfering with Things that Don't Belong to You are two dinosaur themed children's picture books. Abercrule and Other Errors of Judgement contains humorous rhyming cautionary tales in the tradition of Hilaire Belloc.

The Nzikazi Bowl, Star Hill's first young adult fiction title by Roey Fitzpatrick has just been published. Click on cover image above for details. 


Roey Fitzpatrick's art hangs in private collections in Australia, America and Europe. She specialises in human and animal subjects and undertakes portrait commissions.


NEW! Diamonds and Rain, with an accompanying book of lyrics and poems.

Nacogdoches Odyssey, a song cycle with a difference, is currently in production.